The Process of Improving Your Teeth with Fluoride

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Fluoride is a highly marketed ingredient in many dental hygiene products, and for good reason! This natural mineral is very beneficial to the teeth because it provides a lot of nourishment and strength, lowering your risk of tooth enamel loss and tooth decay development. We review the process of how regular fluoride exposure interacts with your oral health and helps your smile become better.

You have a variety of options when it comes to increasing your fluoride exposure, such as drinking fluoridated water, cleaning your teeth with a hygiene product to clean your teeth that has fluoride or seeing the dentist for professional fluoride treatment. When fluoride is applied to your teeth, it clings to your teeth and penetrates the tooth enamel so that the minerals transfer into your teeth. Fluoride helps to keep your tooth enamel hard so that it performs as an effective outer shell, preventing tooth decay, bacteria and acid from easily affecting your teeth.

We recommend fluoride treatment for all ages, except for infants because they receive the tooth nutrients they need from their foods and beverages. Children about the age of two or three can begin ingesting fluoride or receiving fluoride treatment at regular intervals for the rest of their lives.

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