The Things that Might Be Causing Your Tooth Pain

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If you have tooth pain, also known as a toothache, you are probably searching for ways to relieve it. Treatments can be as simple as improving your oral hygiene routine and they can be as complicated as oral surgery. To help you determine the culprit behind your toothache, our dentist, Dr. Tre' DeFelice, is happy to tell you about the causes that might be involved.

The first cause could be damage. This could be from something as simple as a cracked or broken tooth or even something (like a food particle) that is stuck between the teeth or in the gums. It could also be from a broken dental restoration, like a dental crown or dental filling.

The second cause could be decay. Tooth decay, more commonly known as a cavity, is also a big culprit of tooth decay. This is because the decay attacks and harms the enamel and creates a hole in the surface. Then, it can spread and infect the internal layers of the tooth, which can make the tooth extremely sensitive.

The third cause could be disease. Typically, gum disease is a culprit behind tooth pain. However, sometimes oral cancer can cause tooth pain as well. Typically, gum disease causes the pain because it affects the gums surrounding the teeth, making them red, swollen, and infected.

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