Toothache Pain Relief Tips

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Toothaches are mainly caused by tooth decay that has reached deep through the dentin of the tooth to the interior where the blood vessels and nerves reside.

Unless its an emergency, it might take a few days to get an appointment with your dentist. That’s no fun when you have a painful toothache.

Once the pain starts, it can go from a constant dull ache to a sharp pain. Neither is comfortable. You’ll want to see a dentist right away, but while you’re waiting, try these tips to temporarily ease the pain.

-Benzocaine is an over-the-counter pain reliever, usually combined with an antiseptic, that can be applied directly to the affected area (Note: Benzocaine has been connected to the rare but serious condition called methemoglobinemia. Talk with your doctor or dentist before using it).
-Take an aspirin or other over-the-counter pain medicine, but never apply it directly the tooth or gum tissue.
-Rinsing your mouth with warm water can provide some relief. Although it won’t last long.
-You can suck on ice or massage the affected area with an ice cube. This can dull the pain substantially.
-Some types of oils (clove, oregano) applied directly on the tooth with a soaked cotton ball have been used to provide homeopathic relief.
-Asafoetida from the roots of parsley plants is known to relieve toothache pain. Be warned, it is has a strong smelling and a bitter taste.

As with any home remedy, until you have your appointment, talk to your dentist before you start.

In some cases, our dentist can see you immediately. If you have a toothache, Dr. Tre' DeFelice will be happy to see you as soon as possible. Please contact DeFelice Dental LLC to make an appointment at: 504-833-4300, or come by our office in Metairie, Louisiana.